Meet The Team

Gianpiero and Angelica are healthy living advocates that practice mindfulness and well being while including their 2 beautiful children in their routines. They understand the necessity of self-care and the importance of maintaining a clean living environment. Gianpiero and Angelica have an extensive background in Hospitality and Marketing. With their expertise respectfully, they sought out a way to help families living the busy family life and created GPower Cleaning and Organization. GPower Cleaning and Organization is run on 4 pillars: Family, Health, Personal Growth and Inspiration. It is their mission to give their customers peace of mind and the ability to create a balanced lifestyle while providing the best service possible.


Our Approach

Here at GPower Cleaning and Organization, our mission is to give our clients the time and peace of mind to create a balanced life they dream of. We pride ourselves on customer service and carefully train each of our cleaners to share the same standards. Our offices are located in the heart of the greenbelt of Ontario, serving Oakville and the surrounding areas.


Our Services

Our cleaners are all bonded and very detail oriented. They do not rush through jobs and take pride in providing the best customer service.  We maintain the belief that improving the client’s living environment can subsequently improve their health and well being.  We focus on using non-toxic materials and eco-friendly materials.

Our Vision

As a family-owned business,  nothing is more important than being completely present with your family and enjoying every moment. We strongly believe that creating a peaceful living environment will help create a peaceful life, even if there are many things buzzing on the to-do list. Having GPower Cleaning and Organization come in will strike at least one check on that ever-growing to-do list and help you sign a breath of relief.